Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Music with integrity. This concept in and of itself holds the answers to the ongoing crusades seeking to discover the secrets of timeless art. If only everyone shared this ideal, there would be no ‘plastic’ music. Such is the case with SCOTT FOSTER HARRIS who is enthusiastic about the fact that he can share his songs during his acoustic gig with you tonight at our venue.
Scott discovered the musical facet of his soul at the age of nineteen. While healing from an injury he sustained as a rodeo bull rider, Scott became completely and utterly obsessed with music and poetry along with a variety of other creative avenues. Temporarily unable to ride, he began an entirely different venture with unrestrained and unapologetic enthusiasm consisting of teaching himself to play multiple instruments and, almost immediately, writing songs.
Briefly, Scott toured Texas and Oklahoma as a singer/songwriter. He then moved to Nashville to pursue a career as a writer where he landed a publishing deal with Amylase Music; his earliest songs were cut by artists such as STEPHEN COCHRAN, TODD O’NEIL, and VINNY VAN ZANT of TRAILER CHOIR. After leaving Amylase, Scott began recording and performing with the band SEVENTY SEVEN. However, within a few months he grew restless to create and perform his own music thus beginning his search for musicians who would share his vision. One by one he put his band ZEN RIZING together and shortly there-after moved them all out to LA to pursue their kind of music. Having been on the West Coast for little more than two years they’ve already accomplished such feats as winning an LA Music Award for ‘Rock Single Of The Year’ for their tune“Heaven In Your Eyes”, establishing a residency at the Whisky A Go Go, and becoming regular fixtures on such stages as The House Of Blues and The Roxy.
Scott and his band ZEN RIZING just recently announced that they will open for RAY MANZAREK and ROBBY KRIEGER of THE DOORS on 8/19 at the Whisky A Go Go. More info on this and all upcoming shows etc. can be found on ZEN RIZING's website at http://www.zenrizing.com/.

Special admission: $10.00
Street parking.

Check out this video:
Another of Scott's acoustics gigs - check it out! Will convince you that this event at Beyond Baroque is a 'must-see'!

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