Saturday, October 5, 2013

Interview with Beyond Baroque's Poet-In-Residence, Will Alexander

Will Alexander

b. 1948
Will Alexander is a poet whom critics have not been able to categorize easily. An African-American child of the post-World War II baby boom who grew up in south central Los Angeles, he also does not fit any clich├ęd image of that generation's avant-garde poets. The son of a World War II veteran, Alexander was influenced by the revolutionary struggles of the Third World that first inspired his father during a military tour of the Caribbean. 
Born in Los Angeles, Alexander has remained a lifetime resident of the city. Although he received a B.A. degree in English and creative writing, he has followed his own direction in his writing and painting. 
Alexander's first work to attract critical attention was Asia & Haiti. 
Until the mid-1990s, he made his living in an assortment of low-paying jobs. He has since given readings of his work and held artist-in-residence posts at various colleges and is now poet-in-residence at Beyond Baroque.
Here is his latest interview with htmlgiant we are happy to share with you:

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