Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cancer Treatment Fundraiser for one of our staff members!

Dear BB supporters,
we need your help in raising funds for one of our team members who is undergoing cancer treatment at this time.
*** This is an online and ongoing fundraiser and last day to donate is November 10th, 2013. ****
Just click on this link, which will bring you to the donation page:https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/9b03/cancer-treatment-fundraiser-for-our-mom-annette

In May 2013, Annette Geisler was diagnosed with a rare small cell carcinoma on her thyroid that required surgery, radiation and currently ongoing chemo therapy at the Disney Cancer Center in Burbank, CA. She should be done with everything by the end of this year. Please read the fundraiser link for more details, on how to donate (paypal option is enabled) and if you want to see what's the latest news about her.
Please know that no contribution is too small and every little bit will help her and her family. They are grateful for everyone who helps with a financial contribution to make sure that their awesome mom will soon be able to enjoy life to the fullest again.

Please feel free to share the link with friends and family.

With a lot of gratitude to all of you for your support, hugs and prayers we say 'THANK YOU' - also in the name of Annette!

Your BB Team

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