Thursday, June 6, 2013

Just added! 6 July, Saturday - 8:00 PM STOMACHS & EARS: Depression Era Poetry (1923-2013)

STOMACHS & EARS: Depression Era Poetry (1923-2013) 

will feature the poetry of Kenneth Fearing (1902-1961) and Matt Sedillo (writing currently in Los Angeles), with live accompaniment from virtuoso contrabass player/teacher Bert Turetzky. 

Fearing's poetry will be read by actor Douglas Roberts. Sedillo will perform his own poetry. Fearing has been called "the chief poet of the American Depression." Rexroth on Fearing: "No one else so completely immersed himself in the lingo of the mass culture. Fearing didn't think like an advertising copywriter. He thought like the advertising copy itself, or at least like a taxi driver reading a billboard while fighting traffic." 

Matt Sedillo is a two-time national slam poet, grand slam champion of the Damn Slam Los Angeles 2011. "Matt Sedillo has a vision of what peace and a blossoming of people, technology, politics and economy can feel, touch, and look like." ---Luis J. Rodriguez, Author of Always Running

Bernard Jacobson (Chicago Daily News) described Turetzky as "a virtuoso of caliber unsurpassed by any other practitioner of his instrument today." 

The evening is being assembled and facilitated by D. W. Jacobs.

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