Monday, May 23, 2011

Ellyn Maybe Band Fundraiser for Glastonbury on May 28 at 5PM

Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 28th! 5 pm-whenever...

Ellyn Maybe and her band (Paul Bushnell, Robbie Fitzsimmons, Tommy Jordan, Danny Moynahan & Harlan Steinberger) have been accepted into the Glastonbury Festival in England; the world's largest music festival!!! An incredible honor to be sure but a very expensive undertaking.

A beautiful fundraiser has been organized with the very generous help of the Beyond Baroque Foundation and a collaboration with the Sound Affects Art Project. The magical evening will be filled with music, art and (of course) poetry.

Topping off the night will be the renowned monthly Ellyn Maybe Poetry Rodeo in which the Ellyn Maybe Band improvises behind both Ellyn and volunteer poets. Visitors are encouraged to take part in this wonderful collaborative opportunity!

An outdoor concert and BBQ will take place in the early hours of the event (5pm-7pm), featuring acoustic sets by Danny Moynahan, Chloe Pappas and Jen Hirsh. Raffles will take place in between each act giving away an assortment of fun stuff.

Poetry starts inside at 7 pm with the dynamic readings of Amy Schroeder and Elana Karina Byrne followed by the Ellen Maybe Poetry Rodeo at 9 pm.

Music begins outside again with Robbie Fitzsimmons Solo at 10:30 pm and DJ sets by Nelson Marquez and Tsehaie Kidane a.k.a. Liquid Fire Sound System (DJ) M Train.

Throughout the entire event, art supplied by the Sound Affects Art Project will be on display and up for silent auction. The Sound Affects Art Project encourages local artists to find inspiration in music and poetry including the music and poetry of some of the musicians and poets performing. Live artists will also be creating throughout the event and a room will be designated to art-carding, in which art supplies are provided to make and trade "art cards."

Looking forward to a magical and inspired evening!!!

May 28th, 2011 ~ 5pm-midnight ~ $10


Here's the schedule:::

Live performances by Danny Moynahan, Chloe Pappas and Jen Hirsh

Readings by Elana Karina Byrne and Amy Schroeder

¡¡¡Ellyn Maybe Poetry Rodeo!!!

Robbie Fitzsimmons Solo

Then DJ sets all night.


The Ellyn Maybe Band ~
Robbie Fitzsimmons ~
Jen Hirsh ~
Chloe Pappas ~
Danny Moynahan ~

**Also, download Ellyn's latest recording "The Girl in the Wishing Well." Proceeds go towards the fundraiser. Thanks!


Special thanks to Beyond Baroque and the Sound Affects Art Project

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